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The Lifecote Damp proofing system is a protective procedure which basically ensures diffusion of moisture both lateral and vertical cannot pass through the walls of a building to the interior. Lifecote Damp proofing systems place an effective a barrier in mortar beds to prevent rising damp problems prevalent in modern homes.

Rising Damp  is unhealthy and unsightly, salt deposits that originated from ground moisture are diffused into the render/plaster. These ground salts contain chlorides and nitrates which can absorb moisture from the atmosphere leading to wall dampness in conditions of high relative humidity.

Wall dampness may also be due to condensation or an incorrect re-plastering specification.

All our surveyors are full members of The Damp Proofing Association (DPA). The country�s fastest growing trade association.

Lifecote Damp Proofing Systems

If rising damp is diagnosed, we will recommended and subsequently install a remedial damp proof course using a silicon Diffusion system. This is the most advanced system available in the UK.  

This involves a mortar course injection of a concentrated thixotropic silane/siloxane �Lifecote cream� to form a barrier against rising damp.


The cream slowly diffuses, and releases a vapour which reacts with the masonry chemistry to form a water repellent resin.

No liquid is involved so the wall is quicker to dry out, and it�s not injected under pressure which means that there are no problems with party walls, or health and safety implications such as splashing operators, or the property itself, with solvent based toxic chemicals. .

The system is non-caustic and totally free of any solvent and safe for homeowners and operators to use.

  • No smells and pet friendly
  • Suitable for both brick and stone applications.
  • Suitable for walls of any type and thickness
  • Can be used internally and externally
  • Special application on 280mm cavity brick walls
  • Fully tested product  and carries a BBA Agreement Certificate of conformance

       Lifecote Group are the market leaders and experts, you can be assured of the highest standards of quality and service from initial enquiry to after-sales care. We come highly recommended and are your ideal damp specialist for resolving damp problems and associated timber decay at a highly competitive price.     

      We are ideally located to service Damp Proofing London and the rest of the Country, this includes both Lifecote Glasgow and Lifecote Belfast.

All our staff has attended a multitude of training courses, covering services and Health and Safety procedures. This is supported by in-house training, which we believe is vitally important.

      We do not use sub-contractors for our very specialist work. All work is overseen by our local branch managers.

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